“The Invention of Lying” – Oct 11th

Join the Washington DC Sunday Night Film Club this Sunday, Oct 11th at 4:30 pm for The Invention of Lying at the Regal Gallery Place . Look for Laine wearing a pink jacket near the bottom of the escalator in the theatre lobby about 15 minutes before the film. As always, after the film we will descend on a local establishment for dinner/drinks/discussion.

In an alternate reality, lying — even the concept of a lie — does not even exist. Everyone — from politicians to advertisers to the man and woman on the street — speaks the truth and nothing but the truth with no thought of the consequences. But when a down-on-his-luck loser named Mark suddenly develops the ability to lie, he finds that dishonesty has its rewards. In a world where every word is assumed to be the absolute truth, Mark easily lies his way to fame and fortune. But lies have a way of spreading, and Mark begins to realize that things are getting a little out of control when some of his tallest tales are being taken as, well, gospel. With the entire world now hanging on his every word, there is only one thing Mark has not been able to lie his way into: the heart of the woman he loves.

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